Needs To Be Renamed

The Bongo-Project needs to be renamed

Now before you fall of your chair or swallow your phone while reading this let me explain why.

I have been wanting to create this post for sometime now and have been holding off as we are almost ready for our 1.0 release.

The problem I have is that even if we released a new version of the software and it was our 1.0 release I am not sure anyone will be able to find us. I have been doing some digging over the last few months about what actually we are and to be honest I am not convinced we are “Individual” enough. We as a project get lost in the Bongo Project mahem that is People who play bongo’s as instruments.

Right from day one when we started this fork we had a problem with the name, we chose ” Bongo” as a name as an interim measure so that we had something to call ourselves while we thought of a new name. This has obviously not happend and I would like to kick this discussion off before we are ready for 1.0 so we have time to get it all done so we can release both to the outside world at the same time.

Now I know that this is not something lightly taken on and also it would mean quite a bit of work on the part of the limited Dev’s we have to change the code as well as then changing the website and our images and stuff.

I am now thinking I will spend £30.00 on a prize for the winning name. So now I need to find out what the community think and if there is apetite for this.

I have created a poll on my site for some active feedback

let me know I really want to know


This will be put on hold untill further notice





6 responses to “ Needs To Be Renamed”

  1. Allen avatar

    Cirrus gets my vote.
    Cirrus in it’s essence is an (actual) cloud formation in the upper atmosphere classed as Family A (highest) it’s known for is size and vast reach. The “Cirrus”-Project is created and used by individuals who collectively can create a “storm” – go create!

  2. e-PAT avatar

    how about e-PAT?

    electronic (postman)-PAT and also
    email,planner application terminal or
    email packaged application tool??

    you could also easily become one of the top hits on a google search with epat. the current top hit for epat brings back environmental paper assessment tool which would be some positive world association (environmental) to your e-PAT and also should be easy enough to beat in google rankings.

    as for a logo, postman pat… People would immediately be able recognise and associate him with a mail service. not sure about trademark law on using postman pat though, but maybe you could alter an existing image of postman pat into like an 8bit type of computer graphic. therefore he would now be electronic but still recognisable enough as postman pat, but also you have changed him enough not to infringe his trademark if any..

    hope ive given you some ideas..

  3. e-PAT avatar

    electonic post application tool.. theres obviously a few ways you can write it.. 🙂

  4. mivaho avatar

    I see that PAT is having a blast. 🙂

    I don’t know about a name change. Maybe a change from Bongo-project to Bongo-Mail, but the name Bongo has sort of grown on me. 🙂
    And the best reason to keep the name is that we would need to get new Polo shirts 🙂


  5. Henry78 avatar

    As Bongo emerged out of the Hula project, something hula related might be nice. Some of the Hawaiian instruments sound like acronyms anyways:
    Ipu (heke), Pahu, Pūniu, ʻIliʻili, ʻUlīʻulī, Pūʻili, Kālaʻau

  6. Jameson avatar

    Leka is Hawaiian for mail.