My interesting way to end a week.

This is an account of Thursday the 29th of September 2011 when my cynical view on Londoners only thinking of themselves and not wanting to get involved with other peoples troubles was blown completely out of the water thanks to some really amazing people who I don’t have names for but would really love to thank from the depths of my heart for everything they did for me.

The story begins as I am making my way from Hertfordshire down to Camden on my commute to get to the office.

At about 08:22 in the morning I was driving down Hawley Road on my motorcycle and stopped for a Red traffic light at the junction with Jeffrey’s and Camden Street after a short while the light turned orange and then green for us. As this is normally when a load of cyclists jump the red light on the Kentish Town Road part of this junction I made sure to check that none had done so and then started to travel across the junction, once I had reached about ¾ of the way across the junction I felt the most unbelievable pain on my left side, felt myself hit the road surface on my right hand side and heard my self screaming. (and no it was not like a girl but close though)

The pain was something that was indescribable and all I could see was my bike over my left shoulder and the smell petrol that was leaking out of the petrol tank around me. I looked up to see if any cars were coming and unable to stop but thankfully none were.

(This is where people who I have never known stepped into my life to my eternal thanks)

Almost immediately I gentleman in a dark suite was leaning over me looking through my visor and asking if I was ok, All I could feel at the time was the screaming pain in my left foot and answered yes. I looked over my shoulder and saw another gentleman talking to a young lad in a grey helmet all I could hear was did you not see the red light.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw another gentleman in a black helmet and a white shirt (I think) take off his helmet and say “are you ok mate?”, “Do you know your Name?” I tried to answer him as best I could. I then realised that I had not hurt my head or hands or arms so decided to take off my helmet so I could see and hear better as I use earplugs in my ears to protect them from the motorway sounds.

After taking off my helmet and taking out my ear plugs the intense loads sounds flooded into my brain and I realised that my helmet had cut off my ability to realise that there were so many more people who had stopped on there way to work to help me.

I looked behind me and could see the young chap who had ridden into me sitting against the railings on the pavements clearly in a great deal of shock and I became worried for him as he was really pale. A bit further over I looked at what was left of his Vespa and thought Bloody hell how am I still conscious and he sitting there.

A wonderful vision in dayglo yellow cyclists gear was a lady who promptly informed me that she had called the ambulance and the police and that they would soon be here.

My attention was grabbed by a tapping on my Right hand shoulder another man in motorcycle helmet leaned in and said “I was right behind you and saw it all, here is my business card I will be a witness for you”, and with that he was off and climbed on his bike and road off. I did not even have time to say thanks.

All this time the gentlemen in the dark suite and white shirt kept talking to me asking me if I still felt ok. He asked me if I would like to get out of the road to which I agreed but then I realised that at 118 kgs and being over 6feet would make things difficult for them so I crawled towards the pavement.

I remained calm which I was pleasantly surprised about and this helped I think everyone around me to keep focussed on what they needed to do to help me.

For some reason I was worried about my laptop that was in the storage on the back of my bike and so asked the gentleman in the white shirt if he would mind getting it out for me. He duly did and I can only thank him for that. I was after my mobile phone so I could call my wife as I did not want anyone calling her first and scaring her. The gentleman in the white shirt said just use mine I don’t mind.

It was about 3 minutes later that the first ambulance arrived on the scene and two lady ambulance paramedics climbed out and started to do there work on me.

After a short while I was in the ambulance and through the open door I could see the man in the suite and the one in the white shirt smile at each other and then as if to say well no one else will do this they shrugged their shoulders and these wonderful people physically righted motorbike and wheel it onto the pavement.

The ambulance staff (I wish I had taken their names) then closed the door and started going through their procedures Blood pressure finger pricks blood oxygen levels etc… and they did this with a smile on their faces and in their voices. To anyone who ever says anything bad about the NHS ambulance staff I think you are completely mistaken.

We then heard the police siren and a Metropolitan police officer PC Barker knocked on the door and entered again these guys were the nicest people to talk to and were a credit to their profession.

After a few more questions and answers we were free to go and I was taken to the Royal Free Hamsted hospital where I was taken to the Minors 4 cubical where some really great medical staff came to my aid and scanned and prodded and x-rayed me whilst some learner Dr’s etc.. looked on and I am glad I could add one more addition to their education a RTC between two motorcycles.

The orthopedic staff determined that I had a fractured ankle and would not need screws etc.. (whew) and a cast would be all that is needed to med these broken bones.

My wonderful wife then walked in to the cubical and I relaxed quite a bit as I knew that my day could only get better from then on. After getting a back slab plaster cast and with strict instructions not to walk on my leg and a booked appointment for the fracture clinic next Thursday We dutifully made our way out of the hospital. I had not used crutches in a very long time so it was slow going.

The wonderful people at the company I work for help arrange transport home from the hospital to home where I was happy to sit on the couch with my foot up. My motor mechanic friend woke up at 4am and went to pick up my motorbike on Friday I can’t that Duncan enough.

So to all you wonderful people

  • Gentleman in the Dark suite
  • Gentleman in the White Shirt
  • Lady cyclist dressed in dayglo yellow
  • Gentleman who gave me his business card.
  • The people who helped roll my motorbike to the pavement
  • The two ladies who drove the ambulance
  • PC Barker and his partner
  • The medical staff at the Royal Free Hamstead hospital
  • Duncan from Bikers realm

I wish I had had the forethought to get all your names so I could thank you in person all I can do unfortunately is thank you from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of my Mother, Father,Wife and kids thank you for helping to get me safely home.