First of many

I thought I would start by explaining how I came to be using Bongo

I started using Bongo when it was still called NIMS and was part of the beta test on that one. When it was released I bought a red box version and installed it on a server that I was hosting on my broadband at home. I only had a 5 user license then and created accounts for my family to use the server.

As the family usage and numbers increased I bought more licenses. When I was asked if I wanted to be a beta tester on version 3 I jumped at the chance. I then moved on to version 3.5.

When Novell reported that they were making Netmail open source I was elated and could not wait for the system to get to a stable release. Things seemed to stagnate on the hula front and I was worried as there were rumours that Novell were going to drop Netmail completely. I started investigating solutions that I could use to replace my Netmail implementation but found nothing that could do what it did.

The Netmail mailing list was very quiet for a long time and I decided to have a look at IRC. Well am I glad I did. I have been lucky to be able to join bongo at the beginning and to help move it on.
I even tried my hand at bug fixing with the bongo-setup script so that the ssl certificate it created would not complain when you used it with a mail client.
I am also trying my hand at creating vmware images on different os’s for people to test Bongo on.

So hopefully I will be able to contribute to the project as it grows and grows.

Thanks to Alex and the guys for what they are doing