Rpath Appliance development release for Version 0.2.90

Well I have been so quiet lately that you probably thought I was missing.Well I was in a way but I am now back.

In my absence the rpath appliance development has leaped forward in huge amounts.Thanks to Stu Gott who is far more familiar with Rpath than I am we have
our first development release of Bongo on the RPath platform. This new
release can be found here

To install from a CD created from an ISO use this link

Be careful as this install is a new operating system on the machine you
insert this cd into. Only use this cd if you intend to use this machine
only for a Bongo server. It will remove any data that is currently on
the machine.

For a Xen raw file system image appliance use this link

You will need Xen installed to use this disk image

For a VMware player image use this link

Root's password is blank for the images so remember to change it if you
are going to use this live on the net.

When the appliance starts up you will see that a URL is shown for the
administration of the appliance. The address should look like this
https://<IP Address of Server>:8003

The default username is admin and the password is password.

Click OK and follow the instructions to change the password and to
complete the other steps. During this setup you will have the
opportunity to set the hostname and domain name this is a good time to
set these as they are critical to the bongo server setup.

As part of the initial appliance login you also get to set the ipaddress
and primary domain that will be hosted by the bongo appliance.

When this is complete you will have a working bongo install.

Please test this as soon as possible so that we can iron out problems
and work on your suggestions to make it better.