Rpath packaging joy

Ok.. So I have not blogged for some time and there is a valid reason for this, actually there are two reasons. The first is that I am a new dad and this comes with quite a few challenges and tasks which has taken me away from doing my Bongo stuff.

The second is that I have not had anything to report on. I have been trying to get Bongo to compile on the rpath distribution and this has been a challenge not only for me but for Alex and the other developers. Rpath has some quirks that make it a challenge to get Bongo working.

I have however been able to get it running and working so now I am working on finishing the package and then uploading it.\\n\\nOnce that is done I need to prepare a group recipe and create the VM’s and install CD’s we want.

I will try to get these things done as soon as possible so that we can be ready for M3.

So that is the update