VMware heaven

I have fixed the broken VM

Thank you to all those who have downloaded the vm and are seeding it. I must apologise to you as the VM that I sent out was borked. I have sucessfuly rebuilt the vm and it no longer has the version name in the vm name as I thought that once it has been downloaded all the people have to do is update bongo and continue. The updated torrent file can be found here Bongo torrent page on haigmail. I am in the process of building a debian from scratch VM which should enable me to install a vm with the absolute minimum install needed for bongo to run. I have stumbled across a how to and I am busy working through it. Once that is complete I will will add it to the torrent page for you to trry out. It should hopefully bring the download size down considerably. \\n\\nPlease if you can download the torrent and keep it seeded.

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