Monsoon 0.20 Packaged

Monsoon 0.20 packaged.

I have eventually packaged the new version of monsoon for Foresight Linux. My apologies to Alan for taking so long. Life has a habit of taking over sometimes.

Well I have added the new meta tags that zodman’s new packagekit needs so it should have a short description about it.

Please test this version for me as I would love for it to become Foresight Linux’s default torrent client.

Thanks again to all the guys on the Foresight irc channel for the help when I get stuck while I build packages.

Have fun using a great tool.

As Zodman has pointed out I should add the command to install the package

so to install for testing please use  – – –

sudo conary update





5 responses to “Monsoon 0.20 Packaged”

  1. zodman avatar

    and how install it ?¿

    sudo conary update monsoon=@fl:2-devel ?¿ or 2-qa

    1. Lance Haig avatar

      Oh dear,

      Zodman you are correct

      To install you should run sudo conary update monsoon=@fl:2-devel

  2. TForsman avatar

    You forgot to change version nr of the package?
    Cant see its 0.20 version in fl:2-devel

  3. TForsman avatar

    Double checked, its still 0.15 in all fl:2 repos.

  4. Lance Haig avatar

    I have had a look at it and the version in fl:2-devel is 0.20 so this is correct. It has been moved to -qa as I am using that.

    It has not been bumped to release yet. I will ask someone to do that for me.