The Bongo Images will no longer be built on the rPath environment

For quite some time now we have been using the rPath rBuilder system to create images for the project. I have also used it for a few other projects.

Things have been going quite well until someone at rPath decided that they needed to reinvent their web interface.

Now I don’t mind change and innovation as long as the changes are well thought through and well tested.

I have experienced some major issues with the new UI and it has overwritten my group recipe on more than one occasion.

I am sure I will edit this post a bit more once I have thought about it a bit more.

We are going to decide how we are going to achieve this in the near future and I will post here what the result is.







2 responses to “The Bongo Images will no longer be built on the rPath environment”

  1. zodman avatar

    need fill a issues on rpath ?

    You can set to the old UI on web.

    1. Lance Haig avatar

      I have filed an issue and the guys have have fixed the bugs a short while later.
      The problem is that people need to be able to trust the environments they work with to at least be consistent.

      I will be sending a more detailed report to the rPath guys when I am in a better mood