My Mind Dumps.

  • HTC Hero owner

    Over the weekend I was able to have my mobile contract changed and part of the deal is that I get an HTC Hero. This has made me quite happy as I have been forced to run windows mobile on my old phone for far to long and it is refreshing that I have an…

  • Results of the OS poll

    You will be able to see from the poll archive that the following OS versions seem to be more popular Ubutnu 9.04 (53.0%, 19 Votes) Debian 5 (39.0%, 14 Votes) CENTOS 5 (28.0%, 10 Votes) openSuse 11.1 (22.0%, 8 Votes) Fedora 11 (19.0%, 7 Votes) I will now start to work on the packages for…

  • Reflection

    Reflection Originally uploaded by lhaig This was taken in the Sandringham Estate. I found this puddle and tried to focus on the tree and got this strange result.

  • Forrest Picture

    Forrest Picture Originally uploaded by lhaig Just trying different things out.

  • Walking Path

    Walking Path Originally uploaded by lhaig Trying to create a meandering path composition

  • Reflection in water puddle

    Reflection in water puddle Originally uploaded by lhaig Reflection of some trees in a puddle

  • Prehistoric

    Prehistoric Originally uploaded by lhaig It almost seems some prehistoric monster should be jumping up soon.

  • Wood for the trees

    Wood for the trees Originally uploaded by lhaig was trying to get both the near and the far in focus but failed. Although this still looks ok i think.

  • Passing Time

    Passing Time Originally uploaded by lhaig Wooden clock on the roof of the building at the Sandringham estate shops

  • Wooden Slats

    Wooden Slats Originally uploaded by lhaig Trying to create a good composition to learn more